Mobile Intelligence


Consulting Sessions offers an assessment of current mobility infrastructure, engagement with key individuals (to understand business needs & forecasts), groups & one-on-one technology team sessions & a full fledged ‘bias towards business growth’ outcome presentation.

Typical assessment include reassessment of security models, consideration of new application delivery & MDM tools & a forward approach model to boost mobile security & intelligence

CTS engages with organizations & technology teams to enhance mobile security & intelligence within the corporate environment. Drawing from extensive research, experience & keeping up to date with the market trend; CTS conducts assessments, workshop, surveys and comprehensive mobile infrastructure security audits for organizations.
Sessions begin with the planning team to determine business objectives & vision. CTS then gives a presentation focused & facilitates an interactive sessions on the specific topics as discussed with team leaders. Discussions on mobile security & intelligence are often detailed and reveal insights on utilizing mobile data & security more intelligently.

The audits are defined to understand the current technology infrastructure of the organization (including platforms, scalability, load, strengths & weaknesses), and leverage CTS’ experience, resources & skills to enhance & implement changes to the mobility infrastructure to make it more secured, platform friendly, accessible & intelligent.

This engagement includes the below five main components:

  1. Introduction & Goal Setting:  Introduction to CTS, Mobile Intelligence Space and discussion on client business vision, current mobility framework, needs & future
  2. Detailed Mobility Research & Assessment: CTS arranges a site visit, interviews with technology & business teams, focus groups with select employees & a survey sent out to employees
  3. Interactive Team Debrief: CTS meets with technology & business heads to discuss interview results, plan emphasis and goals for detailed session
  4. CTS Mobile Intelligence Session:  CTS runs an interactive workshop with the technology team & business leaders
  5. Action Plan Follow Up:  CTS follows up with an actionable mobile device management plan that emerges from the workshop and review, and suggestions for implementing the changes to ensure a secured & intelligent mobile device management infrastructure.