Mobile Intelligence




A foolproof & customizable mobile device management solution.

Ensures corporate data security on mobile devices in line with company IT policies & compliance.

Multi-platform capable & scalable solution (i.e. iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc.)

Insightful reporting mechanism to give way to Mobile Intelligence in enhancing business decision-making.


A typical SafeMDM solution deployment lifecycle involves the following:-

Review Needs and Requirements.
Deploy SafeMDM Solution.
Control and Manage Devices.


More Informartion

Feature Function

Integration with AD & LDAP

Provides complete integration with Active Directory and LDAP systems so that there is one area of control

Continuous updates for OS

Support for most OS in different mobile platforms and adding new OS as they come out

Ability to wipe devices

Keep full control over data; including the ability to remotely wipe the device if lost/stolen


Complete reporting of access and usage of applications and data from the corporate network

Secure data transmission and storage

All data between the device and the network is sent securely and any data stored on the device is kept within an encrypted container

Control Applications on the device

Control what applications are on the device as well as ensure that company policies are adhered to

Business Intelligence

  • It is important for organizations to have data available to them in real time to be able to make the right business decisions at that time.
  • Having an intelligent tool providing the right information to the right people are important.
  • Ensure that using mobility the right information is delivered without the clutter of extra information.
  • Getting intelligent notifications based on thresholds so that decisions can be made before it is potentially too late.