Mobile Intelligence

About CTS

CTS has an in-depth knowledge into mobility and mobile security & has worked with organizations to understand the needs and requirements around the use of mobile applications and devices in the corporate environment. Conducting thorough assessments for corporates, CTS provides recommendations, road map and next steps to a successful MDM implementation guarding the security risks around data to mitigate the loss.
CTS  works with companies to design and develop applications that met stringent security policies
CTS designed SafeMDM to adhere to strict security policies while allowing companies to set rules based on their needs
CTS helps customize the SafeMDM solution based on the needs of the company to ensure full compliance with mobile devices in the environment


Multiple SAS 70 and ISO 27001 successful certifications. Developing and implementing security policies & procedures for IT and mobile management. Successfully completed multiple audits and reviews. Mobile Device Management implementation and review.

Business Intelligence


Provided comprehensive reporting and analytics for medical claims within a retail environment. Helped save over one million dollars per year in lost revenue and increased productivity drastically; equivalent to 2 FTEs.

Supply Chain

Enabled reporting and dashboards to provide complete visibility for distribution from warehouse to retail stores. Provided vendor management & reporting abilities to allow the move from a 3PL model to a 4PL model. Provided complete vendor visibility to ensure compliance with SLA


Designed and implemented solution to aggregate 16 databases and provide an enterprise and detailed view of accounts. Allowed for higher returns on A/R with less resources. Cut down on “Frequent Fliers”, those with multiple outstanding accounts in different systems.


Provided guidance and understanding on best practices for successful reporting implementation. Ensured highest level of security for patient and personal information.


Security Implementation across multiple verticals

Worked with customers to implement proper security processes to allow for successful SAS 70 and ISO certifications. Worked with customers to conduct successful security audits of systems, procedures and data. Worked with companies to assist with successful mobile technology implementation, ensuring highest level of security.